The Milken Roar

Alexa Dardashty, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Alexa Dardashty is a senior, and Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Roar here at Milken. She has two much older sisters and plans on staying in California after she graduates. Alexa also loves her maltese, Bruno. She likes to be involved with the Milken community and has been in student government for 4 years. Alexa is the co-captain of the Milken varsity tennis team. Some other activities she enjoys are hanging out with her friends, drinking iced matcha lattes, and skiing. She loves watching horror movies and being scared although she believes she doesn't come off as someone who loves thrillers. Alexa loves pop and rap music. She joined Journalism because of her passion for writing. She loves writing about fashion, food, people, and restaurants. She also loves to travel and write about her travels. Alexa is not sure what she would like to be in the future, but hopes for a career in writing. 


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