10 Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Treats for the Whole Family


Thanksgiving is the one time of year when everyone, including friends and family, gathers together to create a bond based on a shared love of food (and, of course, giving thanks), but mostly food. It’s simple to stick to the traditional Thanksgiving fare of turkey, gravy, stuffing, and all the classics, but this is 2021, and basic isn’t an option. Listed below are 10 delicious appetizers that will undoubtedly make you the star of this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, lunch, or both!


Turkey Charcuterie Board:

‘Turkey Legs’:

Candy Pretzel Turkeys:

Pilgrim Hat Cookies:

Nutter Butter Turkeys:

Turkey Marshmallow Pops:

‘Pumpkin Pie’ Cheese and Crackers:

Cornucopia Fruit Cones:

Pop ‘Corn on the Cob’:

Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats: