Milken Students Rob Chrome Hearts Store in West Hollywood



“My mom wouldn’t let me buy the shirt with the cross on it, so I took matters into my own hands,” said Milken senior and now criminal, Ethan Khorsandi. On February 17, 2021, the Chrome Hearts store on North Robertson was invaded by Milken Community Schools’ very own.  We do not know much about the robbery except that three rings were stolen, two crewnecks, and three hoodies, all by four male Milken students. 

Police responded early Wednesday to an alarm at the store and found the side window shattered as well as the shiny glass counter. Despite the Chrome Hearts store’s heavy security on this surprising day, it appears that the security guards could not stop these boys. It was later said that these guards were bribed with the world-famous Breakfast Burritos from the Milken Mart. 

Later that same day Khorsandi was seen at the famous Beverly Hills restaurant, Il Pastaio, wearing an exclusive white Chrome Hearts T-shirt, which was the same one stolen from the store. After being interviewed about this rare piece on The Hollywood Fix, Chrome Hearts officials could easily identify the thieves.

A Milken junior ran out of the store carrying the exclusive “Matty Boy Link & Build” orange crewneck, he pushed a policeman to the floor, sources told The Roar. The policeman could not catch up with him in time. After the incident, the boys escaped in a large black G-wagon driven by Josh Kalpari. Kalpari told The Roar, “I punched two guards from the back of the store, it was so cool. Then I took their rings.” 

“I probably wouldn’t do it again, it was just for the thrill you know, quarantine has made me really bored and this seemed like a good idea,” said the junior.

The Milken community, especially parents of the boys, are heartbroken to discover that their own students are involved in this grand theft. Store owners decided not to press charges, because students will stand before Milken’s SJC. Kalpari’s will be the new bus driver, taking Milken Students from the West Lot to School every morning in his G-wagon according to the SJC. “I’m not down to drive people every morning and afternoon, but as long as I can take their wallets on their way out I think I’ll be fine,” said Kalpari.