Behind the Mask: Teachers Reveal Their True Selves


As we all know, as of March 14th, 2022, exactly two years after the initial lockdown, Milken has stopped requiring masks. As a result, we are seeing teachers’ faces we’ve never seen before! And it’s safe to say, the students of Milken Community School have been completely and utterly bamboozled. See below for your favorite Milken teachers and administrators without their masks.



First off, Mr Kracer: Who knew taking off the mask would reveal such luscious locks? “I had no idea he was hiding such a luxurious head of hair!” Sofia Goldenstein ‘23 says.

Señor Requejo smiling unmasked in the junior area

Then, we have Señor Requejo! What a smile! However, upon taking off his mask, everyone around him immediately turned to stone. The weather then immediately became cloudy and whispers of Español verb conjugations could be heard in the wind. Who would’ve guessed? Certainly not the students!

Mr. Rainer helping out with pizza sales

After months of dress-coding students violating Milken merch through a thick KN95 mask, Mr. Rainer revealed a beautiful smile! But, asked Jack Milkes ‘22: “Is he a rabbit?”

Ms. “Leli” Kiesler giving us a grin

Continuing with the amazing dentistry, we have Ms. “Leli” Kiesler. Students were particularly taken aback by this one, and not in a positive way. “What the actual f*** is wrong with her teeth?” Lauren Lieberman inquires.


Mr. Gallway fighting off herds of students

Next up we have Mr. Gallway. When asked to take off his mask, he hastily refused. He then returned to playing ping-pong in the senior area, still masked. So the question continues, what is behind the mask, Mr. Gallway?


Ms. Mallor running tea time

Lastly, Ms. Mallor, the founder and CEO of Tea Time. To be honest here, we can’t say our Milken students didn’t expect it. Good old Ms. Mallor. We love you! 

Purim stories are fictional, satirical stories to celebrate The Roar’s favorite Jewish holiday, Purim!