The Milken Roar

Ari Karpel

Ari Karpel, Faculty Adviser

Mr. Karpel’s biggest goal in his teaching is giving students the skills they really need. This is Mr. Karpel’s third year working as a Journalism and English teacher at Milken. For his first two years, he taught 9th grade English. This year, he teaches AP Literature and Honors English for 12th grade. Mr. Karpel previously worked for TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly, as well as freelancing for media outlets like The New York Times and Men’s Health. He found his passion for teaching while teaching journalism at the UCLA Extension. His goal with the Roar was to bring more professionalism and structure into its stories. When asked the one lesson he would teach his students, Mr. Karpel said: “Listen, just listen. Listening is such an important skill and it can help us slow down a little bit, and recognize the people right in front of us.” When he isn’t teaching at Milken, he enjoys watching TV shows like Reservation Dogs, and The Chair, as well as classic Italian movies with his husband, Alan, and cat, Sigourney. 

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