Sr. Requejo: Wilderness Explorer and Milken Spanish Teacher


Sara Stolzenberg-Myers

Staff Writer

Mr. Jorge Requejo, our very own Spaniard, is new to the Milken community this year. Though he was originally born in Zurich, Switzerland, he grew up in the northwestern area of Spain. There, he was born into a special minority known as the Galicians, an independent community with a special status. Not only do they abide by different laws, but they also speak a different language known as Galician, a Romanic language that is similar to Portuguese. In his later adult years, Requejo moved to Catalonia where he learned to speak Catalan and enhanced his Spanish. He spent his high school years in Barcelona where he nearly failed his freshman year, but ended his senior year with excellent grades. After Requejo graduated, he proceeded to attend the University of Barcelona where he majored in Galician studies, minored in Greek and Latin, and earned a teaching certificate in Spanish literature and studies. When asked why he got into teaching, Sr. Requejo responded by saying that he wanted to be the teacher he never had. Five years ago, Requejo met an enticing California girl in the beautiful mountains of Ecuador. A few months later, he moved to South Pasadena and while the relationship ended, it was just the beginning to his stay in Southern California. He has previously taught at Fairmont Preparatory Academy, Polytechnic School, and the Pasadena Language Center, and he is now continuing his teacher career here at Milken. On the weekends, he can be found anywhere in the great outdoors. Similar to the Woody Allen quote, Requejo says, “Outside the wilderness, it’s a lost day.”  Unless of course, he’s in the classroom teaching language and culture.

20 Questions: Teacher Edition


Winter, but being in California, I must get used to that warm weather!

Binge worthy TV show:

Game of Thrones

Celebrity crush:

What is that?

Favorite midnight snack:

Chocolate ice cream!


I’m satisfied without one.

Favorite emoji:

What’s that?

Coffee order:

Black coffee with almond milk (even though I’m caffeine intolerant, I need it to teach!)

Favorite pizza topping:

Cheese, cheese and cheese. And bacon.

Nike or Adidas:

What the heck is that?

Which Kardashian are you? (Spirit Kardashian):

God forgive them because I don’t forgive them.

What’s your next concert:

Paul McCartney

Which decade would you time travel to:

The Roman Empire

Harry Potter house:

I would be happy in any of them.

Wizard or Jedi:


Breakfast, lunch, or dinner:


Hidden LA gem:

Sunset trail in Altadena

Favorite vacation spot:

I dream to travel to the Bahamas

Music genre:

Noisy music

Childhood sitcom:

90210, the Spanish edition – I was in love with the beautiful character, Brenda

Morning vs night: