Senior Advice for the Freshmen

 Shani Erdman 

Staff Writer

Everyone remembers their first day of freshmen year, from the anxiety of trying to navigate through a confusing campus, to the seemingly thousands of new faces.

Below, our very own Milken seniors share some words of wisdom that they wish someone could have passed down to them when they were freshmen.


Joel Seligman

Joel Seligman ‘14: Take the time now to do the electives and after school stuff that you want to do. Do it now, and find what you are interested in, because when you get to junior and senior year it’s hard to build a commitment to an extracurricular activity if you haven’t been doing it for a long time.



Dennis Gindi

Dennis Gindi ‘14: Play a sport, sport.



Maxine Malekmehr

Maxine Malekmehr ’14: Be involved in as many clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities as possible.



Justin Kroll

Justin Kroll ‘14: Remember that though high school may be stressful, it is a social experience. Go out, make new friends, enjoy these next four years. High school is what you make it. Make it fun.



Noah Mintz

Noah Mintz ‘14: Ask Ms. Flier about the fireplace.



Daniel Levi

Daniel Levi ’15: Start doing your UC and Common App essays in the summer.



Jacob Pollack

Jacob Pollack ’14: Take yourself seriously. Don’t put yourself in the position to need to play catch up in the later years of high school for college requirements.



Gabriel Kachuck

Gabe Kachuck ’14: The goal of being a Milken student is to find the right places to nap. Find these places and you will succeed.




Jasmin Shakib

Jasmin Shakib ’14: Start making friends with the security guards and bring them an occasional Starbucks, that’s what I always did.



Daniel Moosssazadeh

Daniel Moossazadeh ’14: Don’t squander your time.



Joshua Kashani

Josh Kashani ’14: Study hard, and don’t take freshmen year for granted.



Jodi Marcus

Jodi Marcus ‘14: Enjoy your youth. Take advantage of free time while you still have it. No but seriously, keep in mind that despite the stress everything tends to work out.


Additional anonymous advice:

“Don’t be afraid of Mr. Martin.” 

“Make the upperclassmen and Chava your best friends so it’s easier to get around.”

“Don’t wear your PE clothes around school.”


….So freshmen, although high school is stressful, and the years before you may seem daunting, don’t forget to appreciate every moment. After all, YOHSO (you only high school once).