The first ever Homecoming Dance

Homecoming girls
From left to right: Emily Brown '12, Leigh Jacobson '12, Rachel Kattler Kupetz '12, Tara Schlussel '12. All photos by Samantha Simon.

Noa Kattler Kupetz

Media Editor

The social scene at Milken is overflowing with changes: a football team, the upcoming October Project and the first ever Homecoming Dance. The dance, which took place in Milken’s gym on Saturday, September 17, was a continuation of the school spirit cultivated at the Homecoming football game that took place three days prior.

Students arrived at 8:30 PM dressed in the attire that was both suggested and pictured on the student government blog, a very useful new tool.

The gym full of students had an entirely different feel from what is normally sensed during town meetings. Specifically, the podium was replaced with punch bowls, the room was flooded with dim lighting and a disco ball hung in the center of the gym. Student government, who planned the dance, channeled a scene straight out of Sixteen Candles.

“The Homecoming Dance will definitely become ingrained in Milken tradition. We’re really aiming to change the culture of our school — in spirit and in action — for the better this year,” Ami Fields-Meyer ’12, student body president, said.

Though the dance concluded earlier than expected, the response from students who attended was remarkably positive. More than five hundred students showed up to celebrate their Milken pride.