Boys locker room renovated

Boys locker room 1
Photos by Ariel Brenner.

Ariel Brenner

News Editor

Students arrived August 30 for the new school year and found fresh paint, carpeting, slip-resistant tiles and the shiny gym floor. Along with the typical summer maintenance, the boys locker room was remodeled to accommodate the football team.

The locker room was renovated in order to provide space on campus for the football team’s equipment and uniforms, as there would be no storage space at the off-site locations where the team practices and plays.

“With the help of the operations department we designed a new look locker room that would meet the needs of our athletes and staff,” Coach Jason Kelly, head of athletics, said.

Shower stalls have been added to provide more privacy for the players, and larger lockers have also been installed. Additionally, the area has been altered to provide a spirited atmosphere for the players.

“Some of the unused lockers were removed in the center of the room to create a wide, open meeting space for team meetings,” Mr. Reggie Rios, facilities manager, said.

The renovation of the boys locker room is a step towards the ultimate goal of integrating the spirit for the football team into the school’s culture.

“We are slowly trying to change the school culture in a positive manner and in line with the school’s mission to increase school spirit via the great American high school traditions that sports can provide,” Kelly said. “We all hope that football can be sustained to be a permanent feature of our school, as we believe that football is also a positive enrollment draw for future student-athletes.”

Boys locker room 2