Student government takes multimedia approach

Leigh Jacobson


This year, the student government has implemented five new mechanisms of communication between the student body and government under the leadership of student body president Ami Fields-Meyer ’12 and Public Relations Secretary Lizzie Heyman ’12.

“So many Milken students are already connected to the Blogosphere that it’s only natural to meet them there,” Fields-Meyer said. “We’ve had the ideas for a long time; these electronic means just piece them all together.”

First is Milken Cookies (, the new blog for all things pertaining to student government. Through the blog, students can check the calendar, learn about events and different leadership opportunities around campus, view excerpts from the government meetings and provide their input on the status of the school.

Second, a Facebook group ( called “Milken Students” has been created. Over 350 Milken students are currently listed as members.

A Twitter account (!/search/realtime/milkengov) has also been established, and is slated to broadcast every time a team has a game or an event is going on. Fields-Meyer emphasized that “lots of upcoming homecoming details will be posted via the Twitter account.”

Another mechanism is the Flickr page (, which will showcase photos from around school and from student government programs.

Finally, an email address ([email protected]) will be checked regularly.

“There aren’t enough fans at the sports games and there aren’t enough students at government events – and it’s often because students didn’t know that they were happening,” Fields-Meyer said. “We’re always on Facebook, so this is an intuitive way to get everyone cued in.”