405 freeway to be closed July 15-July 18

405 freeway
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Sophie Golub

News Editor

From around midnight on Friday, July 15 until early Monday, July 18, the northbound 405 freeway between the 101 freeway and Interstate 10 and four miles of the southbound 405 freeway, from the 101 to the Getty Center Drive ramp, will be shut down. During these 53 hours, half of the Mulholland Drive Bridge will be demolished. The freeway closure is part of the city’s $1 billion Sepulveda Pass Improvement Project. The project is a part of the addition of 10 miles of northbound carpool lanes throughout the Sepulveda Pass.

Because this is one of the busiest highway stretches in the country, carrying 500,000 vehicles on an average weekend, transportation officials have been doing all that they can to warn travelers to avoid neighborhoods on the west side, particularly Westwood, Bel-Air, and Brentwood during the closure.

Los Angeles residents have been advised to stay at home as much as possible that weekend to reduce traffic.

Sepulveda Boulevard will not be an option for traveling over the hill, as the street will only be open to local residents. Residents and nonresidents should expect extreme congestion on the route.

Officials have been advising drivers to use alternate freeways within the area, such as the 5, 15, 23, 55, 57, 101, 118, 126, 210, 605 and 710 freeways.

At 7:00 P.M. on July 15, ramps will begin being barricaded on both the southbound and northbound sides between the San Fernando Valley and the west side. At 10:00 P.M., lanes will begin shutting down. At 5:00 A.M. on July 18, the freeway will open again.

For additional information and alternate routes, please visit www.metro.net/

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