Spotlight Artist: Fine Arts Studio

Olivia Hitchcock


The month before spring break, the Fine Arts Studio 2D and 3D (Ceramics) classes, taught by Ms. Mary Ellen Mortimer, had their artwork on display in the library for one month. Students in the classes presented their works as the library’s spotlight artists on April 8th.

The 2D class had two major assignments on display: a still life with objects that represented aspects of students’ personalities, and drawings and paintings of any part of the human anatomy juxtaposed by a single object. Various sketches accumulated in students’ sketchbooks through the school year were also displayed.

Fine Arts graphicCeramics students chose a theme early in the school year for their pieces. Mortimer says there were no strict assignments in the ceramics class, with the only requiement that students complete a minimum number of pieces that align with their chosen themes.

Mortimer says she does extensive research in creating the assignments for the 2D course. Should students wish to advance to AP Studio Art next year, the next level of art classes at Milken, Mortimer takes care to create assignments that will prepare students.

Graphic by Olivia Hitchcock.