Students invited to Interdisciplinary Conference on Monday, April 4

Conference graphic

Olivia Hitchcock


On Monday, April 4, the English Department will host the Inaugural Interdisciplinary Conference in the Beit Midrash, featuring over 50 students’ papers, artwork, music, and architecture on the theme of “Spirituality and the Modern World.” The conference will run from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM.

Ms. Felicia Hellman, English department chair, says all students are invited to drop in to hear their peers’ presentations.

Students from the Archer School for Girls, Crossroads School, Marymount High School, and New Community Jewish High School will also present their works.

Live musical performances will take place at 10:25 AM by Joshua Berger ’11 and Elai Shine ’12, and at 2:25 PM by Yoni Arbel ’11, Asher Levy ’12, Jesse Paller ’11, and Jacob Schatz ’11.

Several students in the tenth grade Science Research I class will present on their research and the ethics involved. Joshua Rusheen ’13 will present on the subject of anti-aging research and Harris Giorroco ’13 will present on the subject of the educational merit of violent video games.

Jesse Paller ’11 and Jacob Schatz ’11 will present their original satires, “Traffic” and “The Worm,” respectively.

As part of the “Balancing Ethics and Science” section of the conference, which runs from 10:30-11:10 AM, Morgan Brady ’12, Mark Gurman ’12, Zachary Oshin ’12, Julian Ozen ’11, and Jonathan Steinschriber ’12 will present arguments on bioethics issues in a debate modeled after the public forum format.

For a complete list of the presentations, click above.

Featured graphic by Jeff Zolan and Gwen Hitchcock.