Cydney Shorkend ’11: Spotlight Artist

Rebecca Ahdoot

Staff Writer

Cydney Shorkend ’11 is one of this month’s three Spotlight Artists. In her work, Shorkend explores the obscure and abstract rather than what is presented.

As of late, Shorkened has been focusing her work around phobias and fears. As she develops her artistic abilities, she experiments with making objects smaller or larger than they truly are. She believes that it shows a different objective towards the artwork.

“I think it’s a great way to change the perspective, and make people understands the more important features of a piece of work” she explains.

As a photographer and an artist, Shorkend is able to incorporate both aspects visually through her work.

“With a camera, you take a photo of what is through the lens. When I draw, I get to be inspired by what’s in front of me, and then use my imagination to add my own touch.”

Art has expanded Shorkend’s creative abilities and has been a part of her life even as a young child. In the future, Shorkend will continue drawing, whether it is something she majors in or something she pursues as a hobby.