Spotlight Musician: Elai Shine ’12

Photo courtesy of Elai Shine.

Leigh Jacobson

Spotlight Editor

Elai Shine ’12, electronic maestro, has recently taken his musical talents to the internet.

Not long ago, Shine was contacted by a man who was interested in featuring his music on his blog. That man is now Shine’s publicist, and he recently sent out a demo of Shine’s music to about seven different labels.

Shine’s tracks are mainly Dubstep (a certain type of electronic music), which he’s been making for two years. He has only recently started posting tracks online.

All of his music is produced individually, although he does have several potential collaboration opportunities currently available to him in the Los Angeles area.

Shine’s music can be heard at, under his current name, BAD/WOLF. The website will be updated soon, and will even feature some of the songs that were sent out in the demos.

Shine wishes to continue pursuing his music career in the future.

“I’m hoping that once I turn 18, more venues will become available to me for performing so that I can get my name out there,” he said. “I’m also hoping to work with the good people at Milken Community High School on potentially performing at the prestigious Winter Ball next year, as it has been a longtime dream of mine.”

You can check out Shine’s music by clicking here, or see him at at lunch in the junior area, where he frequently DJ’s lunchtime celebrations.