Student Election Results

Updated: Ice Cream Social winner announced

Michael Kessler

News Editor

Over the past two days, Milken students cast their votes for the student government, class representative, Student Judicial Committee, and Community Senate positions for the upcoming 2011-2012 school year. The votes are in, and The Roar is here to provide you with the complete results.

This year, the voting process changed significantly, with The Roar serving as the online platform for the process. Students logged into a separate election server and cast their votes for the positions, a major upgrade over the slow, inconvenient method used in the past. The Roar also created a specially designed page before the election that included pictures, blurbs, and videos from the nominees, in addition to allowing the promotion of candidates through Facebook and Twitter.

As a result of these new improvements, excitement and anticipation for the elections reached a new high, and voting participation is expected to be the highest in Milken’s history. Voting participation was also buoyed by the promise of an ice cream party for the grade with the highest percentage of voters, which was won by the ninth grade. Congratulations!

And now, the results:

Student Government Executive Board

President – Ami Fields-Meyer

Vice President – Jonah Schatz

Mazkir – Yael Glouberman

Recording Secretary – Jake Davidson

Secretary of Administration – Emily Brown

Secretary of Public Relations – Lizzie Heyman

Student Judiciary Counsel

Josh Simmons

Jonah Schatz

Eytan Wallace

Noa Kattler Kupetz

Community Senate

Gabe Kachuck

Mark Pakravan

Josh Woznica

Jessica Barazan

Tara Schlussel

JJ Ross

Class Representatives

12th Grade Representative – Talia Cohen

12th Grade Representative – Rachel Kattler Kupetz

11th Grade Representative – Chloe Shohed

11th Grade Representative – Brigette Dardashty

11th Grade Representative – Alexandra Vaezi

11th Grade Representative – Jody Seidel

10th Grade Representative – Eytan Wallace

10th Grade Representative – Brian Younessi

10th Grade Representative – Arielle Mokhtarzadeh

10th Grade Representative – Noa Kattler Kupetz