Milken students and teachers to take part in Bike Ride through Hazon

Zachary Brenner

Staff Writer

During Mother’s Day weekend this year, Milken students have the opportunity to join Ms. Elizabeth Kattler, Jewish studies teacher, and Rabbi Meir Goldstein, Jewish studies teacher, on a bike ride through the Redwood forests and Sonoma Valley, over the Golden Gate Bridge, and into San Francisco. The bike ride will end at San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum.

The trip offers three options. For the bike riders, there is a 30-mile or 70-mile course in which transportation is provided to and from the place of bike riding. Another option is to participate in the spirit group. This group is for people who cannot bike ride, but still want to be involved with the trip. On Shabbat, there will be no bike riding – just fun Shabbat activities. Everything is shomer Shabbat and kosher, so there should be no concerns for the more religious students.

Although this is the first year that Kattler has brought the event to Milken, it is only the second year that this activity will take place in California. Previously, the bike ride took place in New York and Israel.

“It is going to be so much fun to be away from our daily distractions and hang out with cool Jews that are invested in the environmental movement and sustainable living,” Kattler said.

The bike ride is sponsored through Hazon, a Jewish environmental organization that raises money for projects in both America and Israel.

Even though the bike ride is not a school event, Kattler wants to incorporate it into the student life at Milken.

If interested in going on the bike ride, please contact Kattler. Transportation will be arranged through Hazon to take participants and their bikes to the bike riding spot and back.

Featured graphic by Jeff Zolan.