March Madness 2011: Student and teacher brackets

Michael Kessler and Jake Davidson

News Editor and Managing Editor

It’s the greatest event in sports, the best time for every sports fan… that’s right, March Madness is here! The Roar is taking part in the action, with some of our most knowledgeable staff members and some teachers from around the school filling out their brackets and predicting their national champions. We have assembled our crew of experts with the coach (Coach Whiting), the former player  (Mr. Steve Bloom), the Latin expert, (Mr. Beau Lindsay), and the Rabbi (Rabbi Hoffman). Check out their picks right here:

Michael Kessler ’12

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Coach Mike Whiting

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Blake Senet ’11

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Mr. Beau Lindsay

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JJ Friedman ’12

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Mr. Steve Bloom

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I am picking Ohio State University to win it all.  Even though I think that OSU has the most difficult road to the Final Four, their experience along with the best big man in the country should be enough to carry them through.  Although it rarely happens, I predict that all of the number one seeds will meet in Houston for the Final Four.  It will be interesting to see how extremely talented but young teams like Kentucky and North Carolina will play.  They certainly have the talent to go deep into the tournament but I am a big believer in experience and toughness.  These are characteristics of Ohio State and Pittsburgh.  I am excited to see that UCLA is back in the tournament.  They have a tough first round match-up, but as far as UCLA is concerned, I always predict with my heart rather than my head and that is why I have them playing their way into the Elite 8.  I am not a big believer in BYU but I have not seen a scorer as prolific as Jimmer Fredette in a long time and San Diego State had a great season but I am not convinced that they have played a tough enough regular season schedule.  It is usually the big boys that prevail in the end but last year there was Butler and who had them going all the way to the final?  Good luck!

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Jake Davidson ’13

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Rabbi Yechiel Hoffman

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