Milken to host Inaugural Interdisciplinary Conference

Rachel Chistyakov

Voices Editor

On April 4, 2011, Milken will host its Inaugural Interdisciplinary Conference. Students who choose to participate in the conference will submit papers or artwork about spirituality in the modern world. Students can submit anything pertaining to the theme by March 11, 2011.

Felicia Hellman, English department chair, is spearheading the conference after attending the literary conference at the Archer School for Girls and wanting to bring something similar to Milken. At the conference, students will present their work to their peers, along with twelve other schools. Some students have been asked to present work from their English or history classes.

All Milken students are permitted to submit their work. Submissions can include essays, art projects, presentations, and other works, as long as they relate to the theme. At the conference in April, judges will choose the best work and present them in brochures.

“The Interdisciplinary Conference is a wonderful opportunity for students to present papers and projects that deal with the issue of spirituality and the modern world in their various classes. Students from twelve other independent schools have also been invited – and we encourage students from Milken to stop in at various points during the day to hear their classmates and peers talk about the exciting work they have been doing in their history, English, Jewish studies, art, and music classes this past year,” Hellman said.

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