Stolen lunches prompt Vicki’s Lunchbox system reform

Vicki's Lunchbox
Photo by Eliana Steinberg.

Eliana Steinberg

Life Editor

Milken students have employed numerous identities over the past few weeks, stealing blatantly marked Vicki’s Lunchbox lunches despite the labeled tables and Vicki’s employees’ watchful eyes.

Complaints over stolen lunches have prompted Vicki’s Lunchbox to institute a new reform for students to pick up their pre-paid lunches. Starting last week, students now have to wait in line to show their student IDs to volunteers, insuring that each student receives the lunch they ordered.

Vicki’s Lunchbox has been combating this issue by giving the victims of the recent thefts other pre-made meals, which led to many student complaints for students who did not receive their personalized meals.

“It isn’t fair for students to receive a Tostada if they ordered a salad,” Vicki of Vicki’s Lunchbox said.

This revision to the lunch program will hopefully ward off any potential lunch offenders.

May this new measure serve as a warning to the hungry thieves of Milken. We’re watching you!