Lev Foundation mentors Milken students

Lev Foundation discussion
Alex, a mentor of the Lev Foundation, leads a discussion on role models.

Alison Rollman

Staff Writer

Milken juniors bogged down with the stress of SATs, AP classes and other extracurricular activities may find relief and a listening ear through Milken’s partnership with the Lev foundation, an organization launched in honor of Daniel Levian, a young man killed by a drunk driver.

“The foundation focuses on encouraging youth to make positive life choices,” Ms. Shauna Donfeld, Upper School counselor, said.

The debut of this program at Milken involves eleventh graders meeting with a young professional once a month during advisory starting March 8 and continuing through the remainder of the school year.

“The program is about having an extra guide through their senior year.” Donfeld said.

Last year the Lev Foundation launched this unique program at Beverly Hills High School. This year Milken will be the second school to benefit from the mentorship.

“The goal is to hopefully inspire the juniors to actively take part in campus life and to add an extra element of community to the senior year. We hope that they will in turn have a positive influence on the younger students at school and hope that the program will help the students feel prepared for college,” Donfeld said.