Shayna Saliman works as a Congressional Page

Eliana Steinberg

Life Editor

As her peers shuffle into town meeting and cram for the SATs, Shayna Saliman ’12 will be serving as a full-time employee of the House of Representatives in Washington, DC.

Saliman has been selected to attend a program for high school juniors, where she amongst other teenagers will learn in the Page School, located in the attic of the library of Congress.

To gain acceptance into the program, Saliman first had to apply to a specific Congressperson, and then after being selected, further submit an application to the Page Program.

“The process is very complex as only 72 members of Congress are given pages. But everything went smoothly, and before I knew it I was filling out the final application and having meetings with Dr. Fuller” Saliman said.

The Pages will live three blocks away from the Capitol and get paid for their labor.

Despite the severity of this new experience, Saliman admits that she is only nervous for the cold weather.

“ I’m really excited to begin this new adventure. I can’t wait to study in the attic of the Library of Congress, to meet new people and to spend time in DC,” Saliman said.

Although she will be a full-time employee, Shayna will still be learning a general curriculum similar to that of Milken.  However, Hebrew and Jewish Law courses will not be offered, so Saliman will have to teach herself from the Netta book.

Saliman hopes that there will be other Jews in the program, allowing her to converse in Hebrew. Aside from her great anticipation, Saliman is sorry to leave her family and greater school community.

“I’m going to miss my friends and teachers, doing Beauty and the Beast, and being there for my sister’s Bat Mitzvah process,” Saliman said.