March Teacher Q+A- Mr. McAdamis

Mr. McAdamis

The Q+A- one student, one teacher, each month. This month we sat down with English teacher and Roar faculty advisor Mr. Christopher McAdamis. NOTE: From March onwards, the Q+A will be bi-monthly.

Conducted by Leigh Jacobson

Spotlight Editor

Common misconception about teachers: That we don’t need summer vacations.

Most creative gift, given or received: I thought I was being ultra-romantic by buying my girlfriend-now-wife Eric Carle’s ladybug book when we first started dating. I included a dedication. She actually doesn’t care that much about ladybugs. Point remains, though, that I was being smoove.

Movie you’ve seen the most: The Breakfast Club

Book you’ve read most: The Hobbit

Fictional character you identify with: Morpheus from The Sandman.

Obsolete item you won’t trash: I have no attachment to old doodads. They become outdated, and I donate them or recycle them.

What you wanted to be at age 10: Batman or one of the guys driving a lion that forms Voltron.

Student pet peeve: Dopey, drooling stares at computer screens as students zone out on some unrelated website under the guise of taking notes.

Procrastination technique: Updating article layouts for The Roar.

Secret hobby: Correctly using the imperfect of the subjunctive in French.

Favorite historical figure: Albert Camus

Favorite piece of art in your home/anywhere: The Maison Carrée in Nîmes, France. Buildings count, right?

Movie star you always wanted to be: Al Pacino and Robert De Niro smushed into a sandwich of awesomeness.

Favorite gadget: My Kindle.

Topic you love but won’t discuss at a party: How cute puppies are when they are filmed at ground level, running in a huge pack towards the camera in slow motion.

The last meal you had: Ratatouille with fish and couscous.

Funniest English word: Hoopla.

Most memorable teaching experience: My sample lesson for the teaching job at Milken. I sounded smarter than normal that day.

Most-visited website, why: The AV Club because it covers everything I love about pop culture.

Favorite canceled-too-soon TV show: Most likely Community, given the rumors about its current season’s ratings. Why are more people not watching it?

Most beloved/interesting item at your office desk: A picture of my wife taken for the yearbook.