Who is the Milken student: What websites are we on?

Milken student graph
Graphic by Noa Kattler Kupetz.

Sara Tabibzadeh

Staff Writer

Whether you’re procrastinating doing your highly dreaded homework, researching for a project, or blasting your favorite song, it is evident that Milken students spend a lot of time on their computers. We sit at our computer just to check one thing here, and another there, and before you know it what you think was 7:00 pm just 10 minutes ago, is now 10 pm- But where did all that time go? Here’s a look into what websites Milken students spend their time on.

We’ve been socializing on the Internet for years now. Scrolling through pictures of last night’s party, reading tweets by our favorite celebrities, and anonymously asking people scandalous questions on Formspring are all means of socializing and networking.

Within Milken, it seems as though Facebook, Twitter, and Formspring are the three main social networks that students use.

Facebook has somewhat taken over our lives. Only an small minority of students don’t  have Facebook accounts. Even teachers too, spend hours on Facebook a night. What is there on Facebook that entertains us for so long though?

The term Facebook stalking is commonly used in conversations regarding the website. But it has become impossible to be on Facebook without doing what is considered “stalking.”  We are unable to resist our newsfeed, thus finding ourselves spending so much time on Facebook that we learn every miniscule detail of our Facebook friends’ lives.

Checking your notifications, going through pictures of your friends new album, and playing those pointless games are also what keeps us occupied on Facebook.

“Facebook makes it easy for me to keep in touch with friends who don’t live in LA. And It’s always nice to know what people are doing every second of the day,” Rachel Kattler Kupetz ’12 said.

When we’re not immersed in social networks, we have found other ways to entertain ourselves on the computer. Whether you’re a music lover, a sports fan, or a celebrity follower- there seems to be a website for whatever you’re into.

“Yahoo fantasy sports is a great way to connect with classmates while learning about the NBA,” Dustin Myers ’14 said.

Aside from the obvious music websites, such as Youtube and MySpace, many Milken students use HypeMachine, which is a bit more special.

“The fact that people can blog anything they want, and mix any kind of songs makes it more unique than other music websites. This is now my primary source of music. If I’m looking for a mix between two songs, I can find exactly what I’m looking for and I love that,” Michael Kadisha ’13 said.

Tumblr is an online blogging platform. It is somewhat like keeping an online diary, where people can share their every thought. Anything can be found on Tumblr, and this is what makes it so distinctive.

“Although I don’t have a Tumblr, it’s interesting because you can see what other people like to re-blog. It gives you a way to express yourself to the world, and see what you have in common with others,” Shelby Moghavem ’14 said.

College Humor is another very popular website among Milken students. Not only is it the place to go if you’re looking for a good laugh, but Amir Blumenfeld, a Milken alum was one of its first employees.

“It’s great. Everyday when I get home and I need something to make me happy from a long day at school, I go to college humor for my daily laugh. I’ve already watched every single video they have, so I can only check for new ones now,” Sarah Ben-Zvi ’12 said.

It is clear that the Internet is basically taking over our world today. Now you’ve gotten an inside look into what websites our very own Milken students spend their time on. You are now free to go back to Facebook and refresh your newsfeed.