E-Waste drive set to take place

Blake Senet


From March 2 to March 5, Milken students and faculty will be given the opportunity to recycle their electronic waste and keep dangerous trash out of the L.A. landfills. From March 2 to March 4 students, parents, and faculty can drop off their electronic waste at carpool. On March 5, the Mulholland Educational Corridor Association (MECA) will collect e-waste at the Bel Air Presbyterian Church from 9 AM to 3 PM. Drop off at this location will be quick and convenient for participants, as all materials will be unloaded by crew at the site. Students can drop off nearly all types of e-waste at either of the locations including computer, phones, and cameras.

The MECA e-waste drive is an annual event. The materials at Milken will be taken to this recycling drive.  Milken’s involvement in the event is led by Ms. Wendy Ordower director of service learning, and Tomer Elkayam ’12. The YOZMA green team has also played an active role in publicizing and planning for the drives.

“It really is an easy way to contribute to solving an obvious environmental problem and it is my hope that many students will bring in their waste,” Ethan Wolens ’11, green team member, said.

According to MECA, Americans produce nearly 2.3 billion pounds of e-waste each year, 80-85% of which goes directly to landfills. In addition, 90% of e- waste is reusable, so it is important to recycle electronics accordingly. This drive will give members of the Milken community the opportunity to be part of the solution.

E-Waste Drive graphic For more info about the church drop off please call 1-877-866-0128. In addition, it would be great environmental service to spread the word about this opportunity. If you are interested in helping collect for this event for community service credit, please contact Ms. Ordower.