Milken’s Casanova

Rachel Chistyakov

Voices Editor

On February 14, every girl in the junior class was showered with love for Valentines’ Day by none other than Casanova himself, Noah Cherner ’12. Cherner brought a box filled with 130 hand-cut paper hearts with inscribed love notes along with handfuls of Dove chocolate.

“A lot of people wake up on ‘Singles’ Awareness Day’ and feel upset or lonely. This way, everyone gets a piece of love and everyone, regardless of whether or not they have a boyfriend, gets a valentine and a piece of my heart. I love every girl in my grade as a friend and I feel they should all get a little bit of love every day, but this day is special,” Cherner said.

Every 11th grade girl rejoiced at the sight of Cherner’s valentines. Cherner put a smile on every girl’s face and a tingle in their hearts.

“Noah is hilarious! He made me smile all day,” Alexa Almany ’12 said.

Cherner spent one month writing the valentines notes and even personalized some of them, adding a Jewish twist to a few notes that he handed to more religious girls.

Every junior girl is patiently awaiting the treats that Cherner will provide next Valentines’ Day. What will he do next year? We’ll update you when the time comes.

Noah Cherner valentines
Cherner creates his paper valentines for the 11th grade ladies.