A day in the life of Dr. Fuller

Noa Kattler Kupetz

Staff Writer

Dr. Fuller graphic
Days at Milken keep us busy, rarely giving us a breather, let alone the time to consider what exactly our administration is up to in those newly carpeted offices. Feeling curious on a homework-free night, I emailed Dr. Fuller, asking him a simple, but provocative question: what does an average day in your life consist of?

It’s 6:45am. Dr. Fuller is either riding the Ventura bus with Milken students to school, or already in his office.

But wait, lets rewind to the beginning of Dr. Fuller’s morning. The rumors are true, Dr. Fuller does, admittedly, have  “some weird sleeping patterns.” Usually, he will go to sleep at 8pm, and wake up at 3:30am, in time to enjoy the peace of sunrise. During busier times, Dr. Fuller will go to bed at 8pm, but then wake up at 11pm to catch three extra hours of work, and then go back to sleep from 2am to 6am. “Early to bed and early to rise.. OY, was Franklin right,” joked Fuller.

7:15am: Dr. Fuller is standing at his spot at the bottom of the Skirball stairs, welcoming students as they enter the Milken campus for another school day.

“The morning is my favorite part of the day. Welcoming people, I’ve always done that, since about day one,” Dr. Fuller said.

7:30am to 8:30am: can be spent observing classes. In the middle of the school year, Dr. Fuller takes time to meet with every Milken faculty member for fifteen to twenty minutes over a period of two weeks, giving the teachers a chance to tell Dr. Fuller about the progression of their year.. He calls it a check in.”

A variety of different meetings such as “building operations” and “event planning” keep Dr. Fuller busy until lunchtime, which he claims to always try to keep open. A meeting with Dr. Fuller is often a spontaneous experience, sometimes spiraling into a walk around campus. Often we see Dr. Fuller strolling around school, whether alone or accompanied by a student, faculty member or parent.

“My favorite spot on campus is either the amphitheater, the student store, or the Skirball parking lot,” he said.

Aside from his administrative duties, Fuller teaches a ninth grade English class. Those lucky enough to have been placed in the class have only good things to say about it.

7:00pm: On Wednesdays, Dr. Fuller takes time to catch up on work, and says he never goes home before 7:00.

Calling Dr. Fuller’s schedule demanding would be a understatement, yet he always finds time to wave eagerly at students in the halls and meet with inquiring students. Saving time for students, teachers, and himself, Fuller embodies that skill strived for in most classes at Milken: efficient time management.

“I LOVE my iPad!” we often hear Dr. Fuller repeat. Given to him by the Milken Parents Association, his iPad is a power tool for work, communication, and reading. “My favorite app is really a tie between iBooks and The Roar,” Fuller said. Fond of current events, Fuller has a total of fourteen news apps!