Girls varsity soccer team on its way to CIF playoffs

Noa Kattler Kupetz

Staff Writer

Now holding the title of league champions, the girls varsity soccer team has grown significantly stronger throughout this year’s season. With a great league record, the team is currently preparing for playoffs, and has high hopes of making it to the CIF playoffs.

If the team wins on Thursday, it will have won its second consecutive league title and will go into the CIF playoffs as a top 8 team.

“We are cooling down our season and trying to get rested and healthy as we move into playoffs,” Coach Nick Holton, girls’ varsity coach, said.

Team captains Ariella Barry ’12, Shaida Heikali ’11, and Erica Tobin ’12 are strong leaders and continue to motivate their teammates.

“This year, we didn’t have a chance to bond off the field, but we’re very close as a team and we play as a unit,” said Barry.

As they prepare for a CIF run, the girls plan on working harder and putting extra effort into practices. Holton has become a strong role model and friend to the team and has taught the team great skills.

“The girls have been much more committed to the goals they have set and have done well to improve in the areas that I have asked. It is a very tight group this season,” Holton said.