Winter Ball 2011 at The Roxy

Leigh Jacobson

Spotlight Editor

Milken’s annual Winter Ball, hosted and planned by Student Government, was held last Saturday, February 5th, at The Roxy nightclub in Hollywood. Organized mainly by Doran Kianmahd ’11, Student Government Recording Secretary, and Ms. Samantha Robbins, Alumni Director, the event saw a turnout of over 350 students.

“I don’t remember the last time I had that much fun,” Shaina Sarafian ’12 said.

From seven to ten at night, partygoers listened to musical performances by rap emcees Audio Push and female rap group Herstory, in addition to music provided by Kianmahd as the official DJ of the night.

Students also indulged in delectable frozen yogurt at the Menchies bar, which featured a wide variety of flavors and toppings from the famed eatery.

“The night really went better than I had expected. After the hard work involved in getting The Roxy and all the performers and the numerous other tasks, I was so pleased to see how the Milken students were so lively throughout the night and during the performances,” Kianmahd said. “When I spoke with Audio Push after the show, they were also impressed with such a fun, ecstatic, and ‘aggressive’ crowd. The night was a great success and I hope everyone had fun!”

Kianmahd’s view seems to be the common consensus.

“Saturday night stood out as one of the most exhilarating Milken events I’ve ever seen,” Jacob Schatz ’11, student body president, said. “The Roxy is lucky to have witnessed such a spirited group of high school students.”

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