Middle school play debuted week of January 30

Play 2
All photos by Noa Kattler Kupetz.

Alison Rollman

Staff Writer

The middle school theater department debuted Thoroughly Modern Millie Junior during the week of January 30.

This entertaining junior adaptation of the Broadway play set in the 1920s follows Millie Dillmount on her journey of discovery, encompassing themes of love, learning and friendship along the way. The show includes an array of vibrant musical numbers, complete with talented voices and precise moves.

Middle school plays are growing in prestige as a result of a dedicated staff and spectacular costumes and sets.

“I work with a team of professional costume designers, set designers, choreographers, and sound technicians,” Naomi Shepard, director and middle school performing arts teacher, said. “I want to give these kids as professional of an experience as you can get in middle school, while still maintaining the middle school charm and appropriateness.”

However, most instrumental to the production’s success has been the enthusiastic and dedicated cast and crew.

“The only drawback of being in the play is that it is very time-consuming, but it’s worth it because I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience,” David Zarabi ’16, cast member, said.

Shepard claims that it is indeed a challenging process for the students, yet they emerge with valuable work ethics and newfound self-confidence and respect.

“My goal is for students to gain a feeling of transformation. How has this changed them and the way they view the world?” Shepard said.