Milken statistics

Justin Kroll and Zachary Brenner

Staff Writers

After going around the school, talking to teachers and students, and taking surveys, it has been clear to us what classes are popular at Milken and what the minority hair colors are.

Looking around the school, we have noticed a fair number of gingers, but not nearly enough to be classified as a dominant hair color.  But what is a ginger?  Most of us have red hair on our heads, but there are a few non-gingers that have red facial hair. Furthermore, the red hair color can range from a bright orange to a dark auburn.  After our poll, we have seen that the student body only consists of a mere 15 gingers, making gingers 2.6 percent of the student population here at Milken.  In other words, every one in 38.2 students is a gingers.Gingers graph

With the first couple sports seasons concluded, the spring sports are underway.  Approximately 576 students attend the school, but out of those students approximately 138 students participate on a sports team during the spring season, meaning that about 1/4 of the student body participates in athletics.

Athletics graph

Classes take place all over the school, but how far does the average Milken student walk each day?  After measuring with a pedometer, we have come to the conclusion that the average student walks approximately 3,000-5,000 steps each day, which is the equivalent to approximately 7,000-11,666 feet or 1.33-2.21 miles.

1.33-2.21 miles

These are only three of many statistics that can be calculated about the Milken environment. Students around the school walk from place to place, participate in different activities, and have different color hair. However, results may vary (especially concerning the number of steps per student).