JBA draft to be held on Friday

Leigh Jacobson and JJ Friedman

Spotlight Editor and Staff Writer

The Jewish Basketball Association (JBA) will be back at Milken in a matter of weeks. Entering its fifth year at the school, the JBA will be more “official” this year, according to co-commissioners Adam Dehrey ’11 and Yale Wolman ’11.

In contrast to past years, the program will hire referees for the whole season, and schedule games regularly, and only seniors and juniors will be drafted into the league.

The JBA will feature eight competing teams, each led by a talented member of the varsity basketball team. The captains are: Arye Lavin ’11, Brandon Asherian ’11, Jeff Nourafshan ’11, JJ Friedman ’12, Jon Neumann ’11, Jordan Russ ’11, Yoni Cohen ’11, and Lucas Fisher ’11. The official draft will take place on Friday, February 4 in the amphitheater during Oneg. Anyone interested in playing must pay the $50 fee.

All remaining money at the end of the season will be returned to the player.

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