Who is the Milken student: What are we saying?

Alison Rollman

Staff Writer

Milken slang has gotten a whole new sound lately with references to “indie” culture, AIM-inspiration, and frequent, informal confessions of affection. Let’s investigate.

“I love you” is often a very serious phrase to say when in a serious relationship, whether it be sexual or familial. Yet, lately this powerful, passionate phrase can be heard all over campus and online, too. It is used quite frequently and in a casual, informal manner in many friendships, though I it is naturally more popular with the female sex. It is often used when parting, such as “Bye! Love you!” It is, by nature, sensible to love friends, yet Milken students often use this phrase in the wrong instances.

The phrase “that’s so indie” can be heard all over Milken’s campus, and has even sprouted up on Facebook. This phrase is actually referencing a type of teenage culture originally derived from the word “independent,” that labels those with individual style and in interests in obscure music. Yet, ironically, this term has become “mainstream” on the lips of Milken’s students.

And then there’s “awkward,” the parent of “AWK,” which, inevitably, makes a situation more awkward. So what’s the point?

Another phrase that has been taking over our vocabulary with fierceness is “legit,” the abbreviated form of “legitimately.” This word is almost always used incorrectly. Yet the true point of the matter is, why do we even abbreviate words in the first place? Simply because we are a society that is constantly rushing. Not only our society, but our school’s mindset also seems to be constantly hurried. We are doing too much, getting too little sleep, running around from activity to activity and only gaining stress. But shouldn’t language be the last thing to be affected by our fast-paced lives? Isn’t language too important?

Whether or not you have been subject to these sayings or have said them yourself, certainly these phrases are swarming Milken’s campus with fury. Watch out.