Viral videos: Our top Saturday Night Live clips

Lauren Kashefi and JJ Freidman

Staff Writers

We’ve all had those Saturday nights when you just can’t party anymore or our parents decide to keep us home so we can “catch up on some homework.” After finishing the piles and piles of homework on Saturday night, we click on our TVs and turn to channel 4 to watch SNL. We all know some skits aren’t as funny as others, but here are the special few that do bring us to hysterics…

Black Swan has a bunch of Oscar nominations, but we bet if Jim Carrey were cast in it as well, it could have also been nominated for Best Comedy too.

Everyone loves the random trips to Target, but they would be so much better if people like this were at the register next to us (not in front of us).

The Jerk, The Dougie, and The John Wall are all popular dances, but none of them are as great as THE CREEP !

Thankfully, they didn’t remodel “It’s A Small World” to be like this…

The rap game is  very competitive, especially in our current generation. But, with the help of Rihanna, Shy Ronnie is sure to get to the top.