Trip to England and Scotland taking place this summer

Zachary Brenner

Staff Writer

This summer, Milken students are being given the option to travel to England and Scotland from June 19 to June 28. Students and teachers who attend New Community Jewish High School will accompany this trip, as well as tour guides from World Strides organization.

The trip will be accompanied by Ms. Felicia Hellman, English department director, and Mr. Oliver Savage, English teacher.

Students will travel all across England, including visits to the Globe Theatre, Oxford, and locations of many famous authors, including Shakespeare, Robert Louis Stevenson, the author of Treasure Island, and many more.

The trip is open to all grades and will cover curriculums from grades 9-12.

Topics such as British Literature and British History will be taught. Learning about the history might really fascinate some students, but going to the place of origin will take their current knowledge to a whole new level.

“There have been trips in the summer to places all over the world, this is just extending the summer options,” said Savage.

With school trips planned for all over the world at Milken, this trip had been intended to happen since the start of Savage’s career at Milken five years ago.

This summer, more so than others, is a great time to visit England because preparations for a historical event, Prince William’s wedding, will be taking place.

“I thought how fun would it be to introduce it to students. I was very happy to get involved in it. I am excited to be going back to England,” Savage said.

If anyone missed the meeting last Thursday, it is not too late to contact Savage or Hellman if interested in attending. A parents meeting will take place at 7:00 PM on February 2.

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