Lauren Mateen shares her creativity on campus

Noa Kattler Kupetz

Staff Writer

Aspiring architect Lauren Mateen ’11, began her path as an artist in elementary school. Mateen, who has taken classes at Mission Renaissance Art School, figure drawing classes at Brentwood Art School, and multiple courses at Milken, uses excellent technique in her artwork. Last year Mateen took the architecture elective Milken offers, which backed up her dreams of becoming a professional architect.

“As an artist, I’m inspired by my friends, particularly Kelly Malka ’11, and I’m also inspired by the elderly,” said Mateen.

Throughout her years at Milken, Mateen has distinctively grown as an artist.

“Up until last year, I always drew in pencil, but this year I started to get really wild and explore with oil pastels,” said Mateen.

Mateen puts a great deal passion behind her artwork, and will continue to create beyond the walls of Milken.

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