Video Game Review: Halo: Reach

JJ Friedman

Staff Writer

With the end of 2010, we saved the best game for last. With all of the hype of the Halo series, Halo: Reach exceeded the already high expectations and became one of the best games of the decade. What made it so good? Read below to find out:

Halo: Reach logo Presentation: 10. Halo is one of the smoothest games I have ever played. The detail within the game was mind blowing. Every game mode has its own unique gameplay, which adds to the excitement outside of the campaign. The three-year wait was definitely worth it, and Bungie has created another masterpiece.

Graphics: 9.5. The graphics in Reach are astounding, but feel very similar to other Halo games. Still, they did improve some parts. You will notice a major difference between the sceneries in the game. Everything is much more detailed, from the mountains in the background to the rocky dirt path.

Sound: 9.8. The soundtrack is one of the best around. It always keeps you into the game and brings intensity in certain scenes. Yet, I still wish there was background music during multiplayer.

Gameplay: 10. The gameplay is innovative, yet still similar to previous Halos, which is great. Bungie was able to change the gameplay enough to make the game feel new, but still keep the Halo experience. In my opinion, the gameplay in general is the best since the original Halo.

Lasting Appeal: 9.8. As much as I would love to give this a 10, the multiplayer just doesn’t have enough maps to give it a perfect score. Nevertheless, there are plenty of game modes, including team slayer, firefight, and rocket fight.  There is definitely enough to keep you entertained, but hopefully Bungie will bring out more maps in the future.

Overall Score: 9.8. This is the best game of 2010, and possibly the decade. There is just so much to do and discover about within this game. Everything about this game is astonishing and is a must buy for anyone who owns an Xbox 360. If you don’t  have an Xbox 360, go buy one and then pick up Halo Reach!

Websites Score: 9.6

Press Score: 9.0

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