Milken will introduce new science classes next year

Rebecca Ahdoot

Staff Writer

For the 2011-2012 school year, Milken will be offering classes on Anatomy and Sports Medicine and Science and Literature.

Coach Summer Bloom, sports coordinator, began developing the Anatomy and Sports Medicine class a few years ago. With the help of Dr. Damon Scoville, science teacher, the class has been administered into the fall curriculum.

In the course, students will learn about subjects such as injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. The material taught covers both important and interesting aspects in the everyday lives of people, primarily athletes.

Bloom and Scoville found it significant to have such a class at Milken due to the increasing amount of student athletes at the school.

“It’s a challenging class, but very interesting as well,” Scoville said. “If a professional athlete tears his ACL, students are able to understand what the science behind it is.”

Students no longer need to read about the long list of injuries during the season and instead can conceptually have a first-hand experience. The class is also a great way of getting ahead for anyone interested in either sports medicine or physical therapy.

The class will be offered as an elective until further notice regarding whether it will get certified becomes available. The only prerequisite for the class is biology.

The Science and Literature course presents life science through the writings of both scientists and fiction writers.

Students who take the class will gain a better understanding of genetics, inherited disease, evolutionary development, ecology, genetic engineering, and modification. They will be graded on their writing skills, projects, and verbal presentation.

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