Artwork of six Milken students featured in High School Invitational Exhibition

CSUN Artwork
This painting, by Gabrielle Zimbler '12, was featured in the exhibition.

Eden Jablon

Staff Writer

The 14th Annual High School Invitational Exhibition at California State University at Northridge (CSUN) is being held from January 10 until January 29. Over 50 schools have chosen their strongest student artists to present their work, resulting in an art presentation showcasing over 200 students’ artwork.

"Brother" by Sofia Davis '11.

Avva Babaeean ’11, Jessica Barazani ’13, Ariel Brenner ’12, Sofia Davis ’11, Gabriella Freund ’14, and Gabrielle Zimbler ’12 were chosen from AP Studio Art, sculpting, mixed media, and architecture classes to participate in the art show.

“Six of our strongest art students were selected, [and] we are very proud of our students,” Ms. Dori Kulwin, art department chair, said.

The students were delighted to be chosen for such an honor.

“I’m just happy my hard work on that specific piece paid off… it was one of the hardest drawings I’ve ever had to do,” Davis said. “It’s truly an honor and I’m so excited to see my work displayed at CSUN.”

Davis’ chosen drawing called “Brother,” in which she used a variety of colored pencils, is on display at the show.

"Wings" by Avva Babaeean '11.

“While this was incredibly time-consuming and often difficult, I loved working on this self portrait,” Babaeean said of her mixed media piece, called “Wings.”

Other pieces created by Milken students include a metal sculpture titled “Amos,” an acrylic painting called “Seven Species of Israel,” a mixed media piece entitled “Sunset on City Walls,” and a model called “Hillside Residence, Mulholland Hwy, Los Angeles.”

On January 28, certificates of merit will be given out at the closing ceremony.