February Student Q+A- Robert Ravanshenas ’11

Robert Ravanshenas

The Q+A- one student, one teacher, each month. This month we sat down with senior Robert Ravanshenas.

Conducted by Leigh Jacobson
Spotlight Editor

Common misconception about me:

That I am Persian.

Most creative gift, given or received:

David Moghavem gave me a banana and a razor for my 17th birthday.

Movie you’ve seen most:

Home Alone II: Lost in New York

Book you’ve read the most:

American Pageant 12th edition by David M. Kennedy

One thing I can’t live without:

Subway Chocolate Chip Cookies

What you wanted to be at age 10:

The President of the United States, or a garbage truck driver

Favorite gadget:

Sharper Image Coin Sorter and Counter

Teacher pet peeve:

When a teacher and I are both late to class, yet the teacher still marks me late.

Procrastination technique:

If I don’t feel like doing my Calculus homework, I do English homework to procrastinate. If I don’t feel like doing my English Homework, I do Calculus homework to procrastinate.

Student hobby:

Checking my FirstClass.

Favorite thing about being a senior:

Mastering my Talmudic skills through enthusiastically working on my senior sermon.

Movie star you wish you could take to prom:

Haylie Duff (Hillary Duff’s older sister)

Topic you love but wouldn’t talk about in a college interview:

My struggles living with extremely fast growing facial hair.

Favorite classes you’ve taken at Milken:

Economics with Mr. Bloom.

Funniest Hebrew word:


Most memorable learning experience:

AP Chemistry back in the days of Ms. Schwennsen and the king-cylon, Amit Hazi

Most purchased item in Student Store:

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel and cream cheese.

Favorite Milken Trend:

Forming “friendships” with Mario to get free French Fries.

Most beloved/interesting item in your school bag:

My Neocube© magnets.