Friendship Circle’s Winter Camp strikes a chord with Milken students

Alison Rollman

Staff Writer

Over Winter Break, while many students were off vacationing, sleeping and watching TV, others stepped up to make a difference, befriending children with special needs at the Friendship Circle of Los Angeles’s annual Winter Camp.

The Friendship Circle of Los Angeles is a local non-profit organization aiming to provide friendship for children with special needs. Their winter camp program gives children with special needs an enjoyable camp experience, and assists parents overwhelmed by the responsibility of entertaining their children for the two or three week duration of Winter Break.

Volunteers accompanied the children on daily field trips to places such as Bright Child and Boomer’s amusement park.

“Its amazing seeing the kids letting loose and being able to do things they aren’t able to do every day because they are always having therapy of some sort.” Hannah Navon ‘13, a winter camp volunteer, said.

In addition to making a difference in the lives of the children, volunteers recall personal benefits.

“Kids with special needs teach me how to be a better person. Even though they are a bit different than us, we are all still the same and God’s creations.” Anna Stern ’14 said.

Although Milken volunteers reminisce about funny, playful times spent with their special friends, priceless moments occur when volunteers realize the true importance of their friendship.

“My buddy, who normally only uses a few words, was able to have an almost minute-long conversation with me. It was a really special moment.” Navon said.

Matthew Novian and his friend visit the eco station together

For more information on the Friendship Circle of Los Angeles, visit their website

If you are interested in volunteering, please call 310-277-3252 or email [email protected]