Overview: Girls water polo

Zachary Brenner

Staff Writer

This year’s girls varsity water polo team has grown much since last season, now composed of fifteen girls. While coached by Coach Timothy Hugar, the team is relatively young though still hosts a number of returning players as well as first-time junior and senior players.

Practices and games have mostly been focused on teamwork and learning the sport.  With only a few veteran players on the team, Hugar noted that the team is relatively inexperienced; some of the players had not even picked up a water polo ball until they had joined the team this year.

Therefore, the focus of the year is not as much about winning as it is gaining more experience.

“We are focused on learning the game and developing as a team,” Hugar said. “We are not concerned about our record as much as growing.”

Throughout his 20 years of coaching, Hugar has coached both experienced and inexperienced teams, and there is no doubt in his mind that this team has a lot to learn.  The positive attitude that the team brings to every competition has been a helpful component contributing to the improvement of the team, but the team’s inexperience will hold it back against more experienced teams.

Although most of the members of the team lack experience, the players’ relationship with each other and their general good spirit are what make up the team.  There is no doubt in Hugar’s mind that this team will continue to improve in future years.

Click here for photos of the game.