Who is the Milken student: What are we watching?

Noa Kattler Kupetz

Staff Writer

For the next couple of weeks, we will bring you an in-depth investigation of the Milken student. Our first article takes us into the living rooms of our audience, answering the question- What are we watching?

Television graphic
Graphic by Noa Kattler Kupetz.

The Guilty Pleasure

Let’s be real. Whether you’re a secret viewer or a die hard “Gleek,” we’re all watching Glee. Yes, it is slightly embarrassing, but some of the performances are actually great, C’mon, who doesn’t smile when watching singing and dancing?

The Catfight

For some of us who feel Glee is a bit too flamboyant, Gossip Girl is always the drop back. Though the content of the show is largely unintelligent and the plot line particularly inappropriate, it serves as the perfect antidote for ending our dreadful Mondays. The plot continues to surprise as the show rocks its third season with Its extreme wealth, fabulous clothes, crazy parties and flawless people.

The Laughs

We’ve unintentionally pushed aside The Office and in its place, welcomed Modern Family. The show provides incredibly quotable material, and never fails to draw out some laughs. With a cast ranging in ages from 1 to 64, the show presents situations that hit excruciatingly close to home. Though The Office is still up and airing, it seems to be dropping further south on our playlists as Michael Scott struggles through his last season on the show.

The Cult Following

For those of us who still haven’t recovered from the LOST phenomenon, shows like The Event, Fringe and V are attempting to please our adventure-thirsty pallets. Watching a sci-fi mystery show every week is a totally different experience than sitting back and watching Disney Channel. The good ones gain a cult following, a group of  people that are  emotionally and psychologically invested in the show. Although some of these shows like Fringe seem  particularly hard to follow…so if you’re not ready to examine and analyze switch the channel back to Glee.

The “Real”

MTV shows continue to deliver the racy and raunchy material that sparks our curiosity for sophisticated life in the Jersey shore and incredible makeover possibilities (MADE). You can always count on MADE to be playing reruns practically 24/7, it’s fascinating but also sickening to see studious “Mary” turn into a plastic cheerleader in just a few weeks. C’mon MTV, we all miss Punk’d and Pimp my Ride.

The Competition

America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway and American Idol are definitely still around, or so claim the commercials that interrupt our Gossip Girl experience. Reality competitions have seem to have lost their momentum, maybe because becoming what seems to be the 700th American Idol or Top Model isn’t as desired or unique as being the first.

The Witty

Saturday Night Live has gained back a following, recently hosted by hip celebrities such as Anne Hathaway and Emma Stone, along with popular musical talent including Bruno Mars and Florence and the Machine. We tend to over analyze the show, critiquing each clip and remembering only a select few. With youthful performers and hosts, it seems that the show is starting to aim at a younger crowd.

Grab a bowl of popcorn, open a web browser or click on the TV, and enjoy some comedic, dramatic, raunchy, romantic, sci-fi, or maybe even quality shows provided by our busy media friends. Television is one of our generation’s escapes, and after a hard week at Milken it can be the perfect mind numbing relaxation.