CPC launches bottle rockets

Bottle rockets
Photo by Zachary Brenner.

Zachary Brenner

Staff Writer

On Wednesday, January 12 and 13, the ninth grade Concepts of Chemistry and Physics (CPC) classes, as part of a midterm project, launched bottle rockets into the sky to test Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

Dr. Megan McEwen, CPC teacher, taught her students about many different aspects of physics, but finished off by teaching the three laws of motion. Launching bottle rockets was a way to finish the unit in a fun, but also productive way.

During the launch, the students timed the number of seconds the rocket spent in the air; and then using their calculations, eventually solved the distance the rocket went.

The students spent weeks preparing for this event, and for the most part, the launches were successful. The rockets were launched multiple times, and each time, the calculations of the rocket varied.