Movie review: The Fighter

Blake Senet


For the remainder of the year, the world class staff of The Roar will provide you with reviews of the latest films to hit the silver screen. On the basis of the AP scoring system, 1-5, each movie will receive a score.

The Fighter- Score-5The Fighter

Our first review starts us off on a high note with a hard five. Mark Whalberg’s seven year effort to produce The Fighter was well worth the wait. The film chronicles a segment of the life of Mickey Ward, former welterweight champion of the world. Whalberg does a fine job as Ward, his personal role model in Lowell Massachusetts.  However, it is Christian Bale who steals the show as the dynamic, transformative character. Bale plays Micky’s elder brother and trainer, Dicky. A former fighter, Dicky is depicted as the more naturally gifted boxer of the brothers, but is also an addict caught in a downward spiral. On the other hand, Micky is a power fighter with heart, who is willing to take a beating to hang in a few extra rounds. However, Micky’s hardest and most enduring bout comes outside the ring, unable to cut loose his trashy mother serving as his manager and the aforementioned Bale as his unstable trainer. Ward finds inspiration in a meteoric rise that captured the boxing world by surprise. Ultimately, the film succeeds due to its incredible performances and compelling storyline. The fight scenes are particularly entertaining and realistic. Sitting in my seat, I recall involuntarily swaying and dodging with the punches. In my opinion, The Fighter will go down as one of the great sports dramas of all time.