Senior bucket list

In a few months, the Milken campus will be nothing more than a clock-less clock tower to the seniors of 2011. Although they are anxiously anticipating graduation, the current seniors are also trying to relish their last few moments as students. Shaun Schapiro ’11 compiled a “Bucket List” of  things he would like to accomplish before the end of the school year.

Shaun Schapiro, Felicia Hellman
Shaun Schapiro '11 poses with Ms. Felicia Hellman.

1) Tea Party with Mr. Martin

2) Go out dancing with Ms. Hellman

3) Performance by Nicki Minaj at a town meeting

4) Go a day without being kicked out of the library

5) Dye Ms. Daranyi’s hair

6) Bring money so I don’t have to mooch off poor ninth graders for the Milken Mart’s amazing bagels and cream cheese