Ami Fields-Meyer ’12 blog post featured in Huffington Post

Sara Tabibzadeh

Staff Writer

Ami Fields-Meyer ’12 is one of the many Milken students who has joined the worldwide blogging community. Fields-Meyer started writing a political blog, called Truth Be Told, in April 2010. Although he did not have much visitor traffic and a very low level of hits the first few months, Fields-Meyer continued writing consistently.

Ami Fields-Meyer“[After the midterm elections] I was immensely disappointed in the turnout for the Democratic candidates and worried and anxious about the issues I cared about. I was concerned they wouldn’t get enough attention and the Republicans would basically legislate against these issues, and I still am,” Fields-Meyer said.

Even though Fields-Meyer was feeling very troubled, he chose to find the silver lining in this difficult and problematic situation. To take out his frustration, Fields-Meyer wrote a hopeful piece expressing his discontent with the election, yet sharing how grateful he is to live in a country that changes and adapts so frequently.

This message was something he had not heard yet, but helped Fields-Meyer get through that unrest of the election. He decided that he would love to be able to share his message with other people, who would not normally read his blog.

Fields-Meyer sent his article to an editor from the Huffington Post. Soon after, Fields Meyer received an email back informing him that the article was shown to others at the newspaper who also thought it was fantastic. He was told that they would post the article on their website if Fields Meyer could edit the article and make it more evident that it was written by a 16-year-old.

“I was going through an actual editing process like journalists do,” Fields-Meyer said.

After several emails back and forth, his article was published on the Huffington Post.

“It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life, because I read the Huffington Post everyday, so to have something I had written on it was really an honor,” Fields-Meyer said.

After receiving responses from both Democratic and Republican readers, Fields-Meyer learned that both sides were feeling the same frustration as well as gratefulness as he did.

“If I hadn’t written this and it hadn’t gotten posted, I certainly wouldn’t have gotten that knowledge that so many people from so many different backgrounds feel so similarly about some pivotal issues in the context of the way our government is run,” he said.

Fields-Meyer has received over 8,000 hits on his blog and 29 comments on his Huffington Post Article. Check them both out here: