Steenport celebrates 200th win

Ariel Brenner

Sports Editor

Coach Lisa Steenport celebrated her two hundredth win as girls varsity volleyball coach November 3, sweeping Faith Baptist in a decisive fashion.

Though her team and the athletic department congratulated her on the 200th win, Steenport did not recognize a notable importance to this milestone.

“Truthfully, I didn’t even know when it happened until afterward, when I was informed by my assistant coach, Tanya,” Steenport said.

Steenport articulated that, when it comes to wins, the value is always quality over quantity, and the case was no different for her two hundredth win.

“If I wanted to win fifty more games, then we would be playing easier teams and winning easily. But it’s more about the level of competition than the wins,” Steenport said.

Steenport expressed how she was prouder of the win itself than of the fact that it was her two hundredth. The team played with an almost completely different lineup from the original opening due to the injuries that the team dealt with this season. The relatively inexperienced players handled the game comfortably and successfully.

Overall, Steenport’s two hundredth win was a part of a season of which Steenport felt proud.

“We had so many things going against us this season, but we always just moved forward and played our hardest, and that really paid off in the playoffs,” Steenport said.