The Milken Morning Show | Episode 18 (Season 2)

In this week’s episode of the Milken Morning Show, Ms. Mallor explains her tea time tradition, and Nicole Diner ’23 and Ariel Appel ’22 show off some photos from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

This episode also features a segment of In The Corner with Ryan Boxer ’22, where Ryan leaves the corner to ask people a question: Do you think Genghis Khan would’ve used an Android or an iPhone?

This episode of the Milken Morning Show was hosted by Nicole Diner ’23 and Ariel Appel ’22, directed by Ariel Appel ’22 and Kayla Moss ’22, and edited by Ryan Boxer ’22. This episode features appearances from Ms. Jessie Mallor, Alexa Dardashty ’22, and Sasha Banafsheha ’22.

In the Corner was hosted by Ryan Boxer ’22, written by Ryan Boxer ’22, and shot by Noah Rinsler ’22. This episode of In the Corner features appearances from Ms. Ingrid Guth, Mr. Alexander Mendez, and Mr. Maxime Gibert.

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