Milken Administration Mandates Social Distancing on Yearly Senior Big Bear Trip


Since Quarantine started on March 13, 2020, life has not been the same. School, family gatherings, and a summer trip are among the long list of things that have been canceled this past year due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Earlier this year, schools in other states started opening and even going on their school trips, but California has outrageous case numbers, leaving schools closed, robbing students all across the state of their culminating senior year experience

Since the Big Bear trip is technically not a school-related activity, this year’s senior class will be going on its yearly trip, and escaping reality for a few days in the snow. But, they will be doing so socially distanced. 

To keep its students and families safe, Milken has decided to pitch in and provide materials to ensure social distancing. Rather than the usual three houses, Milken has requested that there be four to ensure socially distanced fun. Two houses will be for the girls, and the other two will be for the boys. This will guarantee that there is enough room for everybody to move around-in a socially distanced manner. In addition, students will be asked to keep their masks on during the entirety of the trip. Common areas will be set up with socially distanced chairs. Milken is funding the installing of cameras so staff and parents can watch over the seniors on their trip, and make sure they are staying 6 feet away from each other, and wearing masks. 

Milken faculty and staff will be arriving at the houses a day in advance to set up a maze of plastic to ensure minimal exposure. This plastic will be a divider between the students, guaranteeing that the COVID-19 virus will not be passed around. In addition, each student has been asked to quarantine for 14 days prior to the departure date of the trip and must show up with two negative PCR tests. 

Nathan Humphreys, the Director of Operations, Health, and Safety at Milken has been in contact with our county and said, “As the Director of Operations, Health, and Safety, it is my duty to ensure that the students of Milken are safe and socially distanced AT ALL TIMES,” said Mr. Humphreys, “With the infection rate being 0.71, it is very possible that one student may unknowingly have COVID-19. With talk of the school re-opening, it is not a good idea for the Seniors to put that at jeopardy, and put our community as a whole at risk, just for a few nights of fun. This is why the administration and I have decided to go the extra mile, make Big Bear socially distanced, and keep our community safe.”

Most students are very upset about this new arrangement, but many understand that these are the precautions that need to be made to keep the community safe. They would not want to jeopardize the chance of being able to take classes, tests, and finals at school. Regardless of the new social distancing protocol, we hope that the seniors have a wonderful time during their beautiful stay in Big Bear!